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Industrial Systems

Systems that require industrial insulation include any that carries or stores liquid, gas, air, or product in which the temperature of the substance being transferred or stored is impacted by the temperature of the ambient air. 


We, at CSI, insulate these mechanical systems to maintain process temperatures for both cold and hot systems; to protect liquids from freezing; to provide burn protection for personnel from possible exposure to hot systems; and for sound attenuation.

Industrial Insulation Services:

Mechanical Pipe Insulation & Equipment

Tank Insulation & Equipment

Electric Heat Trace

Steam Trace




Industrial Insulation System Specializations:

Colt Services & Insulation (CSI) will take on any project, large or small, with professionalism & integrity.


Process Piping & Equipment

Chilled Water Piping & Equipment

Steam & Condensate Piping & Equipment

Ammonia Piping & Equipment

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