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Colt Services & Insulation (CSI)

Engineered insulation systems by Colt Services & Insulation (CSI) extend to all types of projects and equipment from baghouses, boilers and ducts to generators, scrubbers and turbines.Our insulation work in the insulation industry is renowned. We are one of the few in the U.S. to provide insulation, lagging, siding, fabrication and scaffolding services. We also make insulation repairs and alterations.

Why CSI?

With 70 years of qualified workforce, supervision, and management, CSI's trained and experienced craftsmen meet & exceed all industry standards when it comes to industrial insulation. Our industrial insulation supervisors have the specialized knowledge required for proper material application, and our outstanding safety performance shows safety is the first priority. Our strategic multi-craft approach results in fewer people on-site and lower overheads. Flexible pricing and detailed estimating tools provide accurate budgeting and cost analysis.

Industrial Insulation

Energy costs will consistently work against your profit goals. Inefficient energy use is always detrimental to your bottom line. The smart solution is proper insulation.  At CSI, we know which insulation systems work best for different applications. We have the technical knowledge and decades of experience to insure your insulation stands up to the harsh tests of time and environment. 

With CSI, you’ll get a worry free job, without delay, at competitive pricing, done right the first time - every time!




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